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MEXICO: Jim and Jamie Loker, Ellie and Lila Quezada

GUATEMALA: David and Damaris Beam, Arlen and Keturah King, Randy and Brenda Purcell, Dave and Mandy Osborn, Edgar & Anita Consigua, Steve & Elaine Taylor

HONDURAS: Jim and Nancy Hartsock, Dave and Carey Keaton, Allen and Patricia Sowers, Scott and Susan Ledford

NICARAGUA: Eric and Marilyn Loftsgard, Dave and Liz Cabot, Brenda Rose, Mike Diebert

COSTA RICA: Sondra Livermore

BELIZE: Jim and Nancy Coons

SOUTH AFRICA: John and Cathy Potter

UGANDA: Nigel and Kathy Harding

ZAMBIA: Theuns and Karin Engelbrecht, Judi Hinson, Elizabeth Ratliff

GABON: Hugo & Salome du Toits


RUSSIA: Norm and Connie Flagg

SCOTLAND: Daniel and Becky Frank



ARGENTINA: Paul and Cheryl Bendele

COLOMBIA: Bill and Jeanette Castro

ECUADOR: Dale and Tina Mills, Don and Mary Wolfram

PERU: Susan Holowecky, Jim and Sue Brannan, Vidal and Mary Arevelo, Angel and Karen Oyola

PARAGUAY: Norberto and Julie Kurrle

BOLIVIA: Dave and Lea Besares, Lew & Mariesa Davis

INDIA: Nirmal Sarvotham

PHILIPPINES: Rick and Barb Sucher, Jomil and Benny Edis, John & Chris Conde

SINGAPORE: Marilyn Nelson

THAILAND: Rand and Nikki Montgomery

MALAYSIA: Harriet & Hannes Roux


MARSHALL ISLANDS: Steve and Shawn Clark


HAITI: Ed Lockett

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Candy Rieger, Francisco & Diane Sabado